Ira Katz

Little Five Points pharmacy opened it’s doors in 1981.  It is one of the few remaining independent pharmacies around these days.  The owner, Ira, is originally from Brooklyn.  He said he just wanted to get out of New York.  

Ira knew I was having trouble getting pregnant with my first child.  He sees the prescription for Clomid.  And as he hands me the bag holding the pills, he says, “good luck, kiddo” and gives me a comforting smile.  Ira was there when I ran out of needles during my fertility treatments to get pregnant with my second child.  He doesn’t even charge me for them.  And most recently, he helps me to find an iron supplement I can tolerate after my hysterectomy.  Once I was settled into healing at home, Ira calls me and makes sure I am okay.  “Take it easy, kiddo,” he says with compassion.

One employee of the Little Five Points Pharmacy has worked there for 25 years, and another has known Ira since she was four years old.  This is the community of Little Five Points.  I could get my antibiotics for free at Publix.  I never will, though.

You can fill your prescriptions, buy a leg brace, rent a DVD, or buy a helium balloon at Little Five Points pharmacy.  You can get advice about a rash or seek out a holistic remedy for your allergies.  In the end, you go to Ira’s pharmacy for the people.

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