We love our house.  Old and in the city was everything we ever wanted.  Of course, this was before the dog and the children.

After giving birth to my first son, I was suffering from postpartum depression.  It felt like the walls of our beloved house were closing in on me.  Another son came four years later, and I knew I wouldn't continue to love our house with 1400 square feet and one bathroom.

We talked to the first architect in 2010 or so.  The plans were very different before the kids.  The current rendition of the house plans was finished last year.  A renovation is not a quick process, I have found.  Our architect advised us not to rush even though it would be frustrating.

Breaking ground on the house happened to coincide with a major shift in my work.  The destruction of our home was mirroring the destruction of everything I had thought I was building up.  Everything was a mess.

Slowly, I could see the creation of something better to come.  Everything is still a big mess but it feels more purposeful.  I'm hopeful.

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